Buddies, you are my heroes

Conz Benjamin, Schilt Sebastian, Ngoy Michael, Birbaum Alain, Abplanalp Marc, Schäublin Olivier, Loeffel Romain, Kwiatkowski Joel, Cadieux Jan, Sprunger Julien, Plüss Benjamin, Hasani Adam, Bykov Andrei, Botter Cédric, Dubé Christian, Jeannin Sandy, Knoepfli Mike, Vauclair Tristan, Gamache Simon, Mauldin Greg, Sushinsky Maxim, Heins Shawn, Gerber Lukas, Lauper Adrien, Brügger Sandro, Merola Melvin, Mottet Kilian, Rytz Simon, Kossmann Hans, Matte René, Knutti Bruno, Schroeter Christian and Berger Raphael. Please put your name if I forgot somebody and you know me … You have been simply great this season! No other words will describe this better. I’m proud to be dzodzet and I’ll shout it from the top of our cathedral. All the year long you put our canton in the middle of Switzerland. You’re the champions of the hearts. We thank you