A photographic documentary about the spanish hunting dog: The Galgo Español

Being creative nurtures my soul. Capturing emotions with the pictures I take and sharing them with people like you! I have been a photographer for 3 decades. I specialise in people, fashion and sports photography.

So why not use my talent to draw attention to the Spanish Greyhounds? I am a Galgo-Dad myself. Our family adopted our first greyhound in 2012 followed by our second in 2019.

This spring, my girlfriend and I went to Seville. To the place where the suffering of the Galgo is the greatest, one of Spains biggest rescue shelters. My luggage contained my fastest camera and all my lenses. Plus so many dog treats that we were overweight at check-in and had to squeeze them into our hand luggage.

The photos I took during my week there will be curated into a photography documentation. They tell story about the Galgo USED. as a tool for hunting, then LEFT. by their owners when they didn’t serve them anymore and lastly LOVED. as they arrive at the rescue shelter and start their new lifes as a pet.

The aim is to showcase the project USED. LEFT. LOVED. in exhibitions throughout Switzerland.
I want to do my part to raise awareness and inspire action on behalf of the Galgo Español: the kindest, cuddliest and quirkiest dogs you can imagine.