“Virgin Morning”

My personal fav' picture of 2021 - Lac de Moiry

Still got thrilled when thinking of this awesome photography exhibition in London Somerset House

Since traveling is still very difficult and there is no re-issue of this exhibition…

Welcome QWERTY!

The tree of life.

Merry Christmas!

Still looking for a Christmas present?

Set up your home office with this awesome calendar 2022 of Fribourg-Gottéron.…

The end of the f**king world

On the left side, my house. On the right side, the garage for our camping car

It’s a fact

My new home is Ablette Records! The new record store at Fri-Son in Fribourg

You find a brilliant mix of new and second hand records. There is room for more…

Nomad life

Quality time


Greta Thunberg

“I really see the value of friendship. Apart from the climate, almost nothing else…

You are in our hearts

We and Montreux will never forget you! At Montreux Celebration

Happy Birthday Freddie!

Look, they are all here to celebrate you at Montreux Celebration

Welcome to #Nomadland with our “Skyloft”

Done deal: raise a child ✅ plant a tree ✅ build a home ✅

Fridays are for mental health days

David Lynch "Infinite deep" at IPFO


I'm sure you agree. But, are you aware every morning you wake up and start your…


Normally you'll have to travel to London or Amsterdam to visit such an exhibition.…