Congratulations Elfic Fribourg!

You have competed in 4 competitions. You won everything,…

Thanks guys for this great season!

It's amazing to be part of this Fribourg-Gottéron family.

Fast fashion

Those who know me know that I do not support fast fashion

SBL Cup Winners Elfic Fribourg!

And they did it again!

About last night with Fribourg-Gottéron

What a game! What emotions!

About last night with Fribourg-Gottéron

What a game! What emotions! #heshootshescores

We are back with a Bang!

4 games in 5 days


Greatly filmed, but very painful movie about the late 60's…

“Virgin Morning”

My personal fav' picture of 2021 - Lac de Moiry

The tree of life.

Merry Christmas!

Still looking for a Christmas present?

Set up your home office with this awesome calendar 2022 of…

That was f**king close

Fatal 4th quarter for Elfic Fribourg basket in Eurocup…

Fridays are for mental health days

Thank you Elfic Fribourg basket for this incredible night…

Elfic Fribourg basket did it again!

Thank you Elfic Fribourg basket for this incredible night…

Heart-attack game!

Thank you Elfic Fribourg basket for this incredible night…

Decision game tomorrow in Fribourg.

Elfic Fribourg basket needs a victory over Teneriffa to…

The end of the f**king world

On the left side, my house. On the right side, the garage…

Almost half-way done through the Swiss Championship

And Fribourg-Gottéron is again on the leader throne

My new home is Ablette Records! The new record store at Fri-Son in Fribourg

You find a brilliant mix of new and second hand records.…

Nomad life

Quality time

Monday Motivation

This is the Monday Motivation. "Neon Demon" in the "ONLY…

Calm before the storm in Fribourg-Gottéron’s temple

Werden wir den 30 jährigen Rekord von 9 Spielen in Serie…

Teamwork matters!

What a EuroCup night to remember for Elfic Fribourg basket

Monday Motivation

"Neon Demon" in the "ONLY MONDAY" magazine

Number ONE

Fribourg-Gottéron #1

New season

1st official game. 1st trophy for Elfic Fribourg basket who…

Painful experience

Painful experience with this rotten seal. Seagulls ate its…

Greta Thunberg

“I really see the value of friendship. Apart from the…


- Brooklyn? - No, Hamburg.

Almost as new

This sensor cleaning was really required after the beach…

Incredible spot on Denmark’s West Coast

We felt as in a rock band album cover shooting

Glacier of Moiry

On the very top of my Swiss happy places. The dog is…

Fribourg-Gottéron focus, and always stay focused

We wish you a great season and stay safe and wild at heart!

You are in our hearts

We and Montreux will never forget you! At Montreux…

Happy Birthday Freddie!

Look, they are all here to celebrate you at Montreux…

Weird to believe

Weird to believe that one sick guy in Europe planned to…

Hej Denmark

Our stuff on the roof. All the trunk for Doggy.

New Fribourg-Gottéron jersey

With the names of 1'700 persons and companies who showed…

Welcome to #Nomadland with our “Skyloft”

Done deal: raise a child ✅ plant a tree ✅ build a home……

Plans for the weekend? is still running until Sunday night 8 pm

What a place to exhibit your art! and Halle 550

About last night and the vernissage at

The exhibition officially opens today at Halle 550

„Neon Demon“ at

Featuring YVY Skin Armor Shoulderpiece on Julia Wulf…

“Beauty is not the only thing, it is everything”

"Neon Demon" at Halle 550 02.-11.07…

Happy Midsommar to all our nordic friends.

This was our Midsommar 2009. But it feels as it was…

Wer mag an die Vernissage von ?

Ich verlose 1x 2 Tickets für auf die Guestlist

Article in the “Freiburger Nachrichten”

Thank you for the coverage "FN"

Riders on the storm

This was a magical moment in Rapperswil

Thankful to Imiragemagazine and my team

Úna M Burke, Julia Wulf, Simona De Berardinis, Julie…

Fridays are for mental health days

David Lynch "Infinite deep" at IPFO


I'm sure you agree. But, are you aware every morning you…


Normally you'll have to travel to London or Amsterdam to…

Unboxing for

This will gonna be awesome at Halle 550 in July!

Binary clock at the St. Gallen railway station

I told my family that this day gonna end dramatically

Good luck Elfic Fribourg Basket at the final of the Patrick Baumann Swiss Cup

Fight for the triple trophy and keep the unbeaten status in…

Marielle Giroud, MVP of the Playoffs.

Monster or legend? You choose!

Swiss Champions 2020/21

Congrats Elfic Fribourg Basket

Fight for the Trophy of Swiss Champion!

Tonight 20:30. Elfic Fribourg Basket Let's do it!

Keep the momentum

Victory on the first game of quarter finals for Swiss…

Man of the Game

Important victory in the penalty shoot out. One step…

More focus

More focus is required against the leader of the…

David Desharnais performed the perfect screening

But this wasn't enough last night vs Geneva

Neon Demon.

photoSchweiz April 9th -18th 2021, Halle 550, Zurich…

Elfic wins the Swiss Basketball League Cup

Awesome game at the mythic "Galeries de Vevey"

Neon Demon.

photoSchweiz April 9th -18th 2021, Halle 550, Zurich…

“Neon Demon” at photo21

photoSchweiz April 9th -18th 2021, Halle 550, Zurich…

“We are dragons!”

Official Dragon photographer since I can walk ... Before…

New era WordPress

Let's start a new era ... Complete re-design of my…

Ultimate Lens Hood

THE solution if you have to take pictures through glass and…

Focus on that

The focus before you enter the arena

3 weeks without any home game

Hard times ahead: 3 weeks without any home game

Milestone achieved

New homepage concept is approved

Last night’s game winner

Last night's game winner against Fribourg-Gottéron

Monday motivation

#mondaymotivation with Fribourg-Gottéron

Exhibition at

Happy and proud to exhibit my photographies in the newly…

Working place of today

Working place of today

New challenges

New agenda, new stickers, new challenges

That moment

That moment, when Fribourg-Gottéron steps out of the…

My working place tonight for Fribourg-Gottéron

Fridays are for mental health days

Magic Montreux

About last night in Montreux, Switzerland. I‘ve seen…

Orange tree on bloom

We count 3 weeks since our orange tree is inside for the…

Frozen snowflakes

Frozen snowflakes at Pont de Berne, Fribourg

All my pictures are for sale

All my pictures are for sale. My favourite Hamburg picture…

Fanshop HC Fribourg-Gottéron

Pensez au fanshop Fribourg-Gottéron lors de vos achats de…

We need: Sunday chill

Sunday chill

Shop now – Shop local for Christmas

Fanshop Fribourg-Gottéron open WED 1430-1800, SAT 1100-1600…

Friday motivation

Kaltblut Magazine, adore you guys!

Upcycled 2nd hand leather jacket

Upcycled 2nd hand leather jacket. This reminds me so much…


J'éspère de pouvoir vivre mon phantasme et de prendre cette…

New Homepage

Task switching ... New website with Wordpress

Do your research, arrive a bit early

It's all in the preparation

Ultimate Lens Hood

THE solution if you have to take pictures through glass and…

Throwback summer 2019

Throwback summer 2019: The Dude on the road with the score…

My customized photography masks finally arrived in the right size

And now, there is no ice-hockey due to Covid-19 cases. Guys…

New season

Back on track with Fribourg-Gottéron

Are you looking for a new wallpaper for your computer?

You can pick this one from Lac de Moiry ... If I am not…

Maybe THE highlight of this summer

My birthday at Lac de Moiry with my family

Oeschinensee – Our all-time high

Fridays are for mental health days